Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 NBA Season

I will be posting NBA plays this year that I usually keep private. It is a very small market, so I usually keep them to myself to not mess up the small edge I believe that I have.
I haven't posted much over the past few years, so readership has gone down. For the select few people that still visit this site/blog, hopefully we can all make some money together.
Plays will be posted after they are made, which, unfortunately, does not have a regular time frame.
I will start posting after each NBA team has played about 10 or so games, basically whenever I'm semi-confident with the stats.
One sportsbook that is essential for everyone to have is 5Dimes. The best plays I make are on the 1st 6 min of the 1st quarter and 5Dimes is the only book I have found that has these particular lines.

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