Saturday, May 22, 2010

Record Update

Week Results
11-26-3 (-28.97 units; ROI: -40.9%)

YTD Results
122-180-13 (-38.23 units; ROI: -7.76%)

I will not be making interleague plays. If I don't kill myself before regular plays resume, there will be 5in plays only from now on (gotta do something to mix it up).


shan said...

can u email me your interleagus plays? i am doing sabermetrics too but its so hard

dudeimstoked said...

if there is enough interest i can post some plays daily, but i won't really be tracking them. a good amount of time goes into each day looking for lines/lineup changes/etc, so i'll only do it if enough people are interested.

shan said...

will you be posting a limited number of plays daily? i'm interested in your plays for tracking purposes i have been following since the start of the mlb season

how said...

dude, if you need a break, i say you should take a break. sometimes we all need that to clear the mind. that said, I'm always interested whenever you post plays.


shan said...

yea ur right man u deserve a break cant wait for your nxt plays