Monday, May 10, 2010

Organization of the Week

Back by popular demand (ok not really)...The Organization of the Week is returning!

If you were here last time this ran, it was a more or less mandatory donation to get picks. This time, however, there is no obligation.
For past organizations of the week see here: Link.

About once a week, I am going to try and profile a charitable organization for you guys. Feel free to make suggestions for the next one. I will be primarily focused on humanitarian aid. Not to say that environmental, animal, or education charities aren't worth it, but those things really don't matter if you don't have food/water/shelter/basic needs.

I'll be looking into the finances of the organization as well as the cause, with a ton of help from Charity Navigator. Some organizations may have religious ties, others may not. I don't discriminate.

Enjoy and give if you would like. It's worth it.

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