Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Results

4-0-1 (+7.5 units; ROI: 80.64%)

It was a good day to be on 5in.


Mr. Faith said...

Great day! I have a question though about your current methodology. When you have a play on a game it can be either be better to play it in 5 innings or to play it in the entire game, based on the starting pitchers, the bullpen, and the lines on the game and in 5 innings. Since you seem to only be playing 5 inning plays, what are you doing when the indicators point to a game play rather than a 5 inning play? Are you passing the game or playing in 5 innings anyway, even though it is counterindicated? Perhaps I ahve assumed that you are only playing 5 inning plays, when that is not your plan.

Good work, I apreciate your efforts.

The Vegan said...

I have the same questions as Mr Faith. Are you only playing 5 inn plays now? And what if a team looks strong for the game and has a strong pen but is going against a team like Wash with a weak BP. Do you still play 5inn?

Just curious, thanks!