Friday, May 15, 2009

Saturday Plays

HOU Game -101 (1.5) [Matchbook]
CIN Game -121 (1.6) [Matchbook]
CHW Game 113 (1.5) [5Dimes]
TBA Game -159 (1.2) [Matchbook]
OAK Game 128 (4.3) [Matchbook]

The love affair with OAK continues...


stekek said...

+128 is a very good number here. 4.3 units???? Oak has been hugely underachieving, they are on the road, their BP edge is reduced by their IP in last nights blowout and the starters are pretty close if you look at Sagarin. I would bet them at +128 though.

. said...

You killed line movement but Braden scares me. 5.23 xFIP and 4.76 FIP rest of the season according to ZIPS.