Saturday, May 16, 2009

Record Update

Long overdue...

Week Results
13-23-3 (-19.62 units; ROI: -26.5%)

YTD Results
95-120-11 (-21.42 units; ROI: -5.13%)

I will be taking a week or two off from betting MLB. Maybe I can cool the OAK love in the week.


Mr. Faith said...

Don't get too discouraged. It is common to have peaks and valleys, it is a long season. Your ROI over the last three years still very impressive. Do you feel the lines are sharper, if not I would suggest you keep plugging away, maybe decrease your bet size until it turns around. Good luck.

. said...

We love you. Come back to us.

dudeimstoked said...

I'm not sure if the lines are sharper, my luck is worse, or a combination of both. I do know that I have been beating a lot of closing lines, but not as much as I was at the same time last year.

Right now I'm waiting for some more current year stats to come in before I jump back in the fire. I'll be back.