Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2008 MLB Record

World Series Future
1-0-0 (+1.31 units)

240-245-20 (+55.84 units; ROI: 7.15%)

206-208-16 (+54.36 units; ROI: 7.71%)

32-36-4 (-7.03 units; ROI: -10.04%)

Playoff Series
2-1-0 (+8.51 units; ROI: 139.51%)

I would say this was a very successful season, wouldn't you?


Andrew said...

Extremely good season, but with last year's NBA success and now this year's MLB success, you're looking at a 50 unit baseline to keep your followers happy in NBA this year ;)

I have found a site that does 6pt +100 teasers I could not find much information about the site. They sometimes have stale lines (+/-6 on GB/Ten game when it's 4.5/5 elsewhere). I am going to deposit a small amount of money tomorrow to bet their teasers and off lines (probably will only deposit if GB is still +6 tomorrow so who knows)

Andrew said...

Would anyone else be worried that BetTVS still has GB at +6? That's a full 1.5 pt off Pinny, Greek, Matchbook, and WSex, and two points of many others. None of the other spreads or totals is off in NFL and I'm too lazy to check the NCAAF lines... Suggestions?

joebob said...

they don't take americans.. at least that's what they told me. Let me know if you find out differently

Andrew said...

Ah, yes, haha, maybe I should have found out that somewhat important factor(;)) before I posted the site. Oh well.... Non-Americans already have Pinnacle isn't that enough?