Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Results and Other Goodies

2-0-0 (+1.99 units)

Only 1 play this week because I was gone, so I won't do the full record update.

Almost anytime anybody would make a comment on a post, it would hold the post for moderation. That was pretty annoying for both me and you. I believe now it should immediately post unless it detects potential spam.

Also, many of you are utilizing the Post Notification plugin I installed. If you are not, I think you should look into it. I put a lot of work into it and I would love it if it wasn't in vain. You can select which posts you would like to be notified of, for example only "Picks" or all posts and it will send you an email within 2 min of a post I make so you don't miss any plays, which is helpful especially if I make late plays. Also, you can discontinue use of the post notification at any time if you find it is not for you.

I know it is really early, but I am working on a Fantasy Basketball page for this website to help you all dominate your fantasy leagues. Also, I am working on an Investment (stocks) page that should launch this next week. Anything to make a buck I guess... I hope you will find these additions useful.

1 comment:

victor said...

Hey! Good night pal... I think it's interesting what you're doing here, especially because there are not many people who could take the effort to invest time researching on statistics and giving potential winning picks for free. So, congratulations for that. I added the Post Notification option, so I can check your MLB picks right away you post them, in order to make my Anyway, keep on with this good work, you're doing great.