Thursday, March 20, 2008

Curtis Granderson Prop

This line is so bad that it deserves it's own post:

Baseball - MLB Player Props Total (Prop)
Curtis Granderson - How many Triples will Curtis Granderson have in the 08 Season?
Must start the season on the active roster and play a minimum of 140 regular season games, if player starts on the DL all wagers will be settled as No Action. If player switches leagues stats will be combined. Max $300
(621/622) Under 20 (-115) Mar 31/08@10:09a

It quotes a max of $300, but it looks like all of the props max is actually $100. In any case, I recommend you max this sucker.

Update (4/3): 7 of these props have been no-actioned because of players starting on the DL

Update (7/12): 3 more have been no-actioned, apparently all the Paul Konerko and Ben Broussard props.

Update (9/1): 11 more have been no-actioned.

Update (9/17): 4 Wins, 5 Losses (units TBD)

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AndrewK said...

Love the Granderson play, also.

At, the over/under for:

ARod 42.5
ManRam 31.5
Ortiz 34.5
Vlad 27.5

In addition, Bodog has RHoward at 50.5 and sportsbook 44.5, Carlos Pena 39/31.5 (but 39 is crossed out right now), DWright 32.5/29.5, and I'm guessing there is a difference for more players but the numbers aren't released at Bodog for a lot of players. Are any of them worth hedging?