Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday Results

2-4-0 (-0.69 units)

That Gasol/Brown trade pretty much ended any chance we had on covering the TOR play. I sure missed the 2 missed dunks and 6 TOs from Brown yesterday.

I'm still in shock about this trade. All of the sudden the Lakers are a championship contender. They might have made a run in the playoffs if they just benched Kwame and had Turiaf play 40 min, but now that they have Gasol they become an instant contender, not only because Gasol is a beast, but his skill set (passing, defense, post presence, all that crap) is perfect for the triangle system. And Memphis is headed for another 5-77 season next year (especially if they are able to get rid of Mike Miller as rumored).

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