Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Plays

I'm going to try something new, mostly because I'm interested in the results. For every underdog that is a play, I am going to take .5 units off of the spread and put it on the moneyline. For example, NY is a 1.5 unit play today. I am putting 1 unit on the spread and .5 units on the moneyline. I thought about doing this before, but never wanted to put up the units to actually keep track of it. CHI winning with a widely available +800 last night finally convinced me. Hopefully SEA will pull something out of a hat against PHX tonight.

Seattle Supersonics +12 -105 for Game (3) [5Dimes]
New York Knicks +285 for Game (.5) [5Dimes]
New York Knicks +7½ -108 for Game [5Dimes]
Charlotte Bobcats -4½ -103 for Game [5Dimes]
Seattle +920 (.5) [Matchbook]
Timberwolves(Minnesota) +210 (.5) [SuperBook]
Timberwolves(Minnesota) +6 (-105) (2) [SuperBook]


stevek said...

I'll follow along for shits and giggles. Interested in what you've done so far as far as researching the profitability. Obviously more variance involved.

Andrew said...

Ah so, so close!! What a first night to try the straight-up underdog bets. SA hits a last second three to send the game into OT and wins but we barely cover. Min loses by two. And Seattle misses two chances at the very end. Crazy, crazy.

stevek said...

Close on all three.
SA hits a 3 to tie with 0.4 secs left and wins in OT.
Minn loses the ball under Boston's basket with a few seconds left in a tie game and Celts score as the buzzer goes off.
Seattle has the lead in the last minute and....reverted into the Sonics.

Kinda frustrating actually:)