Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Play and NCAAF Play

San Antonio 3.0 +100 (3.5)

I spent all morning trying to get a better line than this. I had the opportunity at matchbook for +102, but thought I could get +104 or better. I was wrong. Hopefully you will be able to get a better line.

Trying to makeup for the Hawaii play...
Ohio State 3.5 -105 (1.5)
Remember, I know nothing about NCAAF, but I figure this will make the game interesting.

1 comment:

jk said...

damn that game tying 3. I wish the warriors would have fouled when the spurs got the ball with 10 ticks left. 2 free throws would have put the spurs within 1 and covered the spread even if they lost....which they ended up doing in the end anyway. Oh well luckily i bet the over also so I was able to break even.

p.s. stick to rock it! ncaaf just isnt your thing haha. Go Tigers!