Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Plays

MIL Game 151 (2.3) [5Dimes]
WAS Game 139 (3.4) [Matchbook]
ATL Game -113 (2.4) [5Dimes]
OAK Game 107 (1.4) [BetJM]
BAL Game 188 (1.5) [5Dimes]
SEA Game -112 (1.5) [5Dimes]

Today is the day Washington will redeem themselves.


ctlion said...

wow, your numbers really say there is that much edge in the nats? or is this part emotional play on them?

badbeats said...

The Nats and Marlins were projected to be equally bad this year. Volstad was projected to be at best a bit better than Cabrera. Obviously his plays are much more complicated than this but I think that makes for an easy and at least semi-right explanation.

imstoked, are you worried at all about Cabrera's large decrease in velocity?

ctlion said...

looking at bp, they project volstad with a 1VORP and Cabrera as a 12 VORP. that said, bp also projected the marlins to stink last year. wish this team would start losing since i'm under 76.5!

stekek said...

Starting pitching has not been their problem and it wasn't again today. They just have NO ONE in the pen who can get anybody out.

badbeats said...

Maybe 1st5 only for a while for Washington plays? Bullpens are a fickle beast and this early in the year it's hard to be confident in many relievers.