Friday, December 12, 2008

Sticky: Taking Picks Private

Hi Everyone,
After much thought and consideration, I will be taking my picks private. I have been hard at work (reason for lack of plays) on a new system which is about 50x better than the current NBA system (the one that led us to a 81 unit 07-08 season). I debated for a long time on whether or not to even release them, but I have decided to do so for a limited number of people.

The money will go towards the server costs as well as my time for creating this particular system. After a while I plan on switching it back to the charitable organization donations like last year.

Here's the deal.
$25 for 1 week (Sunday-Saturday)
$75 for 4 weeks (Sunday-Saturday)

Some things to note before subscribing:
Plays will have to be made very close to gametime (probably between 9am PST-gametime)
I will not make plays everyday
The variance with these plays will be much higher, but should be better overall in the long run.
Unlike last year, there will not be reimbursement for a -ROI week
With these plays, you must have certain books to find the lines, [5Dimes] at a bare minimum.
If there is little interest, I will stop making plays and return the prorated amount to subscribers.
I do not plan on prorating the week, so purchase prior to Sunday.

Also, to thank those who donated last year, I will be giving you the first week free. Check your email for the password.

Please feel free to email me at: with any questions.


Jason said...

When do you usually post your result?

dudeimstoked said...

Every few days when I have time, I always post a "record update" on Saturday or Sunday.

Jason said...

After yesterday bloodbath, do you make modification to current system or continue as is.


dudeimstoked said...

you can't give up after one down day. the new system especially will have higher variance. i've had many days where i went down 10+ units in baseball, what if i had given up then?

Pure Sabermetrics» Pure Sabermetrics said...

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