Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday Plays

NFL Teasers
Round Robin all these guys (3's and 4's). I am not doing 2 point teasers because of the lower edge and just putting more money on the 3s.

Wong Teaser FAQ

All from [Bodog], except the 4 teamer, which is from [BetJM]. Sorry it is kind of complicated and hard to figure out what is going on, but just do some magic with the teams I have down here. Make sure you tease ACROSS the 3 and the 7, for example, don't end on -3 or +7.

6 Point (+180)
PHI -2
SF +9
MIN +8

PHI -2.5
SF +8.5
SEA +7.5
MIN +8

6.5 Point (+160)
SEA +7.5
PHI -1.5
SF +9.5
MIN +8.5

All are currently RISK 1 unit.

I am waiting on McGahee's status to determine if I want to add BAL on to the teaser list.

Added Play
BAL +8 or +8.5
I ran into liquidity problems and this one can be teased at [BetJM],[]/[SuperBook],[Bodog],[JustBet]/[Bet Guardian]

I will try to make next weeks more clear. I am doing 3 team and 4 team teasers. I decided not to do the 5 teamers and 6 team.

Texas Rangers +125 for Game (3.1) [5Dimes]

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