Monday, September 22, 2008


Hi everyone,
I think I may have found a sportsbook gem for football betting. appears to offer 1/1 on 2 team 6 point NFL teasers.

This, obviously, is much better than the -110 I'm getting everywhere else.

Can anyone prove me wrong like they did with [JustBet]/[Bet Guardian]?


Andrew said...

Nice find. Off the bat I like Buff-2/Jax-1.5 +100 and Den-2.5/GB+7.5 -110

stevek said...

They're fine but one caveat. If the only action you are going to give them is basic strategy teasers and you win they won't keep you for long. They are also not a +180 shop for 3 teamers so you should bet those elsewhere. I really wish this wasn't posted here though. There are too few of these books left to just put this out there for anybody and everybody.

dudeimstoked said...

good find stevek.

it's cool, i probably only have like 4 readers anyways.

i will probably be opening up an account here very soon if anyone else would care to join me. :-)

Andrew said...

I'll play some ML parlays to get them off my back. I joined is it too late to get us $$$?