Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MLB Divison Series Plays

LA Dodgers +200 for Series (4.1) [Matchbook]

A few borderline ones, hopefully the line will move favorably. The BOS/LAA already moved out of favorable territory :-(

Added Play
Milwaukee +169 for Series [Matchbook]


Dan said...

Hindsight 20/20 question:

This is easy to say after the first Philly / Milwaukee game is over, but that game seemed completely set up in Philly's favor today, with the pitching matchup.

I have to believe that before the series, you were hoping to be 1-1 after CC pitches in Game 2. In a situation like this, wouldn't it make sense to bet the series line AFTER the inevitable Game 1 loss?

This is an honest strategy question...not a "you're stupid" question. I know nothing is "inevitable", but it seems like today was almost a gimme game.

dudeimstoked said...

I debated about this exact thing for a while before making my play.

It came down to, what if MIL happens to win this game? If they do win, all of the value on the line would be lost.

LAD today, although it is different because Gallardo had no business being a GM1 starter.

Anyways thanks for the thought, you'd be surprised about the things I don't think about prior to a play.