Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shameless Ad Post

I hope you guys are all enjoying the picks thus far. I have been really hot and I hope it continues.

Below are the sportsbooks that I have affiliate programs with and make all my plays with (except matchbook because they do not offer an affiliate program).

To help support the costs of running and maintaining the website as well as the development time into my different systems, please consider signing up at one of the following books if you do not have an account there. For the most part, I get a kickback bonus on your deposit (ie you deposit 500, I get 50 bucks).

Official Pure Sabermetrics Sportsbook Recommended List
5Dimes, BetJM, SuperBook/, Bodog

I will list the special bonuses you can get at these places.I do not have accounts at any of the other books that I have affiliate programs with, so I cannot personally recommend them. I may be opening up new accounts in the near future and I am also working on getting more affiliate programs.If possible, go through the banner ads on my SportsBooks page to ensure proper tracking, but these text links should also work.

If I get enough sign ups, I hope to not "go tout" for the NBA season. Or we could make a deal, you sign up through a link of mine and be an active member at that book, if I go tout, you will have free access to the picks.

Now introducing, Bodog Sportsbook as an affiliate.
  • 10% Sign up bonus
    110% Poker sign up bonus
    100% Poker reload bonus
    10-15% Football reload bonus

  • I will be using Bodog a lot for football teasers and all sorts of props. A bodog account is a must for poker, football, and props.

  • 50% bonus on new accounts (only certain funding methods)
    Reduced Juice (-105 pricing)

  • 5Dimes is a must for any sports better. I use it a ton for baseball and basketball. It does not offer that great props or football teasers.

  • 20% cash bonus for all new accounts on the first $1000 and 10% on the remaining deposit (Max. bonus of $500)
    10% reload bonus

  • I use BetJM for football teasers and MLB. They will reimburse for all deposit fees. Something that a lot of books are not doing anymore...

    SuperBook and
  • 10% sign up bonus
    100% first deposit poker bonus with code FIRST100

  • Note: the family is a very lowly regarded book. I have never had any problems with them and I think it is detrimental not to have an account there because of their slow moving lines. They have the easiest credit card deposits of all the sportsbooks and I would recommend you keep a lower balance there just in case something weird happens.

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