Monday, August 4, 2008

Powerline Adapters

I just finished my move and set up internet. It will take me a long time to update my MLB starting lineups, so those plays will come at a later date. I plan to stay up with the WNBA, however.

One of my roommates is on the first floor, I am on the 3rd floor and have my cable modem/router and all that stuff in my room. I saw these things at Best Buy once, so I picked up a few of these magical networking devices. I have no idea how they work, but they do wonders. They send the internet through the power lines in you home and you can pick it up anywhere else through the socket with another adapter. It makes no sense to me and it is super fast. I highly recommend these to anyone that has a room or area that is not serviceable by wireless. You could even set this up and plug in another wireless router from it to create a new wireless network.

The only drawback I have seen is that they only go through some surge protectors. I have been experimenting with them for a little while and some of the surge protectors I have gave me problems. Others work just fine or anytime it is plugged directly into the wall it has worked flawlessly.

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