Saturday, August 30, 2008

Football Sportsbook

After semi-extensive research, I have decided to do all of my NFL teasers at JustBet and BetGuardian. I opened an account at BetGuardian yesterday.

Here are the reasons:
Teaser Odds:

6 POINT Odds
2 TEAMS 1/1
3 TEAMS 9/5
4 TEAMS 3/1
5 TEAMS 9/2
6 TEAMS 7/1

6.5 POINT Odds
2 TEAMS 10/11
3 TEAMS 8/5
4 TEAMS 5/2
5 TEAMS 4/1
6 TEAMS 6/1

Exception: When playing a two team teaser (with one or more pro teams) only use the following:
2 TEAMS 6 POINTS 11/10
2 TEAMS 6.5 POINTS 12/10

Now I'm not sure if I understand the "Exception", but it may provide even better odds for us.

Pretty much every other sportsbook ([5Dimes],[BetJM],[SuperBook],[Bodog]) offer 10/11 on the 6 point 2 teamers. THIS IS HUGE.

It equates to getting +100 on all of your bets versus -110. Or, if I'm reading the exception right, we will get +110 versus -110 on 6 point 2 team teasers. That is unheard of.

EDIT: thanks to stevek, it looks like we have to get odds of 10/11 on 2 teams with the NFL. Why the "exception" shows this as 11/10 instead of 10/11, I have no idea. I will look more into this during the season and see if it is worthwhile to deposit here. It may be just for the ability to lineshop.

I still plan on doing teasers for the 2008 NFL season despite the worse odds. They should still be profitable.

The only issue I see with JustBet and BetGuardian is no different than most books. It is hard to get money on. However, they reimburse all Western Union/Moneygram/Wire transfer/etc fees.

I highly recommend these books to you. They are from the same family, so they offer identical lines, no reason to have both of them, but DO NOT start the NFL season without them.


stekek said...

You'd better look a little closer. This pretty much kills any value on teasers there.

Exception: When playing a two team teaser (with one or more pro teams) only use the following:
2 TEAMS 11/10 12/10 13/10

dudeimstoked said...

i still don't understand. what's the issue? it looks like a payout of 11/10 on any 6 point teaser to me...

stekek said...

You lay them 11-10.

dudeimstoked said...

thanks stevek, i dont know why they would post it like that considering all the other ones were 3/1, 9/2, etc.