Saturday, July 19, 2008

Record Update

Saturday Results
0-1-0 (-1.00 units)
Sorry, this one was my bad. I didn't realize that the WNBA wasn't a sport and sometimes plays OUTSIDE.

Week Results
1-3-0 (-2.86 units; ROI: -45.40%)

YTD Resuts
9-10-1 (-6.06 units; ROI: -20.97%)

Saturday Results
1-1-0 (+2.60 units)

Week Results
2-6-0 (-5.57 units; ROI: -39.79%)
No more betting Sundays...

YTD Results
166-186-17 (-12.05 units; ROI: -2.18%)

Here is a fun fact:
My record for the last 5 Sundays that I have made plays:
1-4-0 (-6.07 units)
1-6-0 (-5.77 units)
2-4-0 (-3.07 units)
1-5-0 (-8.13 units)
1-5-0 (-9.30 units)

For a total of -32.34 units

Now if I had removed Sundays from my chosen days to make plays, I would be well into the green. This is probably one of those "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 5x for 32 units, shame on me." I can't seem to break the Sunday curse, so there will be no plays tomorrow. Maybe a stock one...

Here's something random that made me laugh...
This is straight from Gilbert Arenas' blog:
Richard Jefferson going to Milwaukee …. HAHAHA! Oh man, now that is funny. When I heard that, I started laughing. Oh man, did I start laughing. You know why? Because every player hates Milwaukee. Nobody wants to live in Milwaukee. I’m sorry, Milwaukee, to come down hard on you, but no one in the NBA wants to play in Milwaukee. From him going from New Jersey, actually from New York (because he lives in New York), from New York to Milwaukee is like going … let’s just say it’s not going to sit well with you. That was a funny one when I heard that one. I know Yi is happy though.


andrew said...

There seems to be something about people giving back all the money they made during the week on Sunday. I'm sure in reality, overall, it falls in the same category as "trap games" but I've noticed people talking about bookies loving Sundays and this post reminded me of it. I know I have seen bookies who post on some forums (bigbookie on TheRX for example) say weekends seem to be better for him.

andrew said...

Sorry for the double post but perhaps you should run the numbers on Sunday then fade yourself ;)

stevieweevie said...

You should probably continue to bet on Sundays, but bet half of your usual bet size (or some fraction).

Its weird how gamblers tend to get superstitious when faced with strange runs of variance. Last year during baseball season I was running super hot on one style of bet - about 30 units ahead of expectation. Naturally, this season I'm about 20 units behind expectation. So what did I do? Well if you still believe in your model you should continue to follow it, but just crank down the amounts that you're putting down until your confidence comes back.