Thursday, July 3, 2008

Record Update

Thursday Results
6-0-0 (+8.43 units)

Week Results
10-3-0 (+10.06 units; ROI: 50.30%)

YTD Results
164-180-17 (-6.48 units; ROI: -1.20%)

Thursday Results
1-1-0 (-0.05 units)

Week Results
2-2-0 (-1.50 units; ROI: -26.79%)

YTD Results
6-7-1 (-5.19 units; ROI: -25.32%)

I will be without internet access for the next 8 or 9 days. See you then.


Victor said...

Good Afternoon. Greetings from Venezuela. Quite impressive picking the 6 winning teams on Thursday! Right now I'm beginning researching on sabermetrics, since I gamble on baseball, and, of course, I'd love to improve my winning rate. Anyway, congrats for your blog, and I'll be waiting for your next post.

steve said...

very interesting. what formulas are used for each sport. why does baseball seem to be tougher

dudeimstoked said...

With basketball (both NBA and WNBA) I use current YTD stats, but with baseball I use a combination of projected and current YTD stats. I actually think my baseball system is better, so it is a little odd that I have been doing worse in baseball. I have a lot of confidence in my WNBA system also, but that has also been surprisingly bad. For baseball I focus mostly on pythagorean wins. As of now I'm not open to revealing much about my basketball system because I didn't come up with most of the system, it is a brainchild of one of my friends.