Monday, July 14, 2008

Investing Section is Now Open

Announcing the new investing section of Pure Sabermetrics.

I will start building a portfolio of stock picks to see how I can do vs. the current bear market

Rules for this portfolio:
A maximum value of $5,000 can be purchased of a single stock.
Each recommendation will start with a $1,000 investment in the stock. It can be recommended up to 5 times to reach $5,000.
Minimum holding time for a stock is 1 month.
No maximum holding time for a stock.
No technical analysis or any of that junk will be used to time purchases/sales of stock.

I will start off the portfolio in the next few days so I will have time to type up some quick analysis for each of the recommendations.

You will find I am a pretty big fan of commodities. I highly recommend Jim Rogers' book, Hot Commodities


Weird Al said...

Interesting. Where do you suggest to buy/sell for least cost of transactions or is this just some fun experiment?

dudeimstoked said...

This is mostly just an experiment that I'm going to try out. It will definitely be tough to beat this bear market (I got served today and probably tomorrow), but it does have some interesting opportunities.

I used to be really into trading on the cheap, but I've been gravitating more towards TD Ameritrade. They offer more features than my other account at Scottrade with only a small difference in the cost of trades. I haven't researched much about different brokers, so before I recommend anything, give me a few days and I'll do some quick research into it.