Monday, June 2, 2008

Record Update

Friday Results
2-3-0 (-3.76 units)

Week Results
12-23-0 (-13.63 units; ROI: -23.06%)

YTD Results
153-176-17 (-16.34 units; ROI: -3.16%)

Sorry guys for no update in the last few days. I have been really busy and super frustrated since I've been beating the closing lines by a lot and ending up down a lot of units. There is no way my expected ROI is -3.16%, especially the week results of -23% ROI. I know a lot is "variance" but this has kept up the entire season. I think I will wait until the next PECOTA update until I start posting anything.

On a different note, I finished my WNBA system so that will start up in about a week. I am waiting for more data to come in for this season (somewhere between 8-10 games for all teams).

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