Monday, May 12, 2008

Tuesday Plays

Atlanta Braves/Philadelphia Phillies over 10 -108 for Game [BetJM]
Washington Nationals/New York Mets over 8½ +105 for Game (2) [BetJM]
New York Mets -178 for Game (2.1) [BetJM]
Pittsburgh Pirates/St Louis Cardinals over 9½ -102 for Game [BetJM]
Houston Astros/San Francisco Giants over 8 -110 for Game (1.5) [BetJM]
San Francisco Giants -119 for Game [BetJM]
New York Yankees/Tampa Bay Rays over 8½ -110 for Game [BetJM]
Tampa Bay Rays +126 for Game [BetJM]
Los Angeles Angels -125 for Game (1.2) [BetJM]


Dan said...

you are certainly back with a bang, did you change your model/numbers at all or just take a quick mental break?

dudeimstoked said...

purely just a mental break. the only thing i added was a totals edge checker thingy.