Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday Plays

I'm back. I hope you're ready for some more plays that beat the closing line, but lose. Also, I'm going to try out this new thing that should help me mathematically determine bet sizing on totals, where before it was more of an estimate.

Monday MLB
Washington Nationals +135 for Game (1.0) [BetJM]
Washington Nationals/New York Mets over 9 -112 for Game (1.0) [BetJM]
Cincinnati Reds -163 for Game (1.3) [BetJM]
Milwaukee Brewers +115 for Game (2.7) [BetJM]
Toronto Blue Jays GM 2 +150 for Game (1.2) [BetJM]
Toronto Blue Jays GM 2/Cleveland Indians GM 2 over 7½ -102 for Game (2) [BetJM]
Tampa Bay Rays +110 for Game (1.0) [BetJM]
Seattle Mariners -107 for Game (1.8) [BetJM]
Chicago White Sox -103 for Game (1.9) [BetJM]
Atlanta Braves GM 1/Pittsburgh Pirates GM 1 over 9 -102 for Game (1.5) [BetJM]
Pittsburgh Pirates GM 1 +135 for Game (2.5) [BetJM]

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