Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday Plays

St. Louis (Game) -101 (1.2) [Matchbook]
Kansas City (1H) +175 (1.1) [Matchbook]
Marlins (1H) +140 (2) [SuperBook]
Rangers (1H) +130 (1.1) [SuperBook]
Oakland Athletics -136 for Game (1.4) [BetJM]
Toronto Blue Jays +130 for 1st 5 Innings (1.7) [BetJM]
Chicago White Sox +133 for 1st 5 Innings (1.5) [BetJM]
San Francisco Giants +144 for 1st 5 Innings (1.3) [BetJM]


zach said...

What's (1H) mean?

Andrew said...

Excuse my ignorance but what does 1H mean?

joebob said...

5-inning lines. They tend to be lower-volume and move faster, so it's much harder to get the listed 5-inning prices than listed prices for full games- if the full game is also playable, it might be helpful to list what the full-game play would be as well.

Andrew said...

I guessed he meant 5 inning line, but then I wondered why he didnt just put 5 inning line like for Toronto, Chicago, and SF :) Thanks for the info

dudeimstoked said...

Sorry about that guys,
I just copied the plays from where I made them, so from matchbook they have a different format than BetJM, 5Dimes, etc.

Andrew said...

Hm, weird. That first comment wasn't there when I asked what it was. Didn't mean to ask the same question

dudeimstoked said...

yeah, for some reason zach's comment went to moderation and yours went through. i just approved his comment so it showed up before.