Monday, April 14, 2008

Tuesday Plays

San Francisco Giants +124 for Game (1.9) [BetJM]
Houston Astros +135 for Game (1.1) [BetJM]
Florida Marlins +105 for Game (1.5) [BetJM]
Milwaukee Brewers +112 for Game (2.3) [BetJM]
Cincinnati Reds +104 for Game (1.8) [Matchbook]

So I slightly increased my unit size for these plays. So we will for sure have a major down day...

Added Plays
Washington Nationals +153 for 1st 5 Innings (1.3) [BetJM]
New York Yankees -113 for Game (1.2) [Matchbook]

Added Plays
Under 11.0 (CIN/CHC) +103 (.5) [Matchbook]
Over 9.0 (TOR/BAL) +108 (.5) [Matchbook]


sexlexia said...

What in your system said the worst team in baseball is a good bet against the hottest?

dudeimstoked said...

I don't look at hot/cold teams, trends, or public opinion when making plays. I look purely at the numbers. I honestly don't even know who you consider the "hottest" team, but I assume you are talking about the ARI/SF game.