Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Plays

These are purely for entertainment value. I'm an LA/OC guy, so this will mostly give me something to root for tonight.

UCLA -400 for Game (2)
Cal Irvine +3½ -101 for Game (2)
Cal Irvine +160 for Game

Here's the thought process for Irvine. Non-system play. Rated as a road game for them, but it is being played in Anahiem, 20 min from Irvine vs 2+ hours from Santa Barbra. UCI is 2-0 against Santa Barbra and UCI is 9-1 at home, they suck on the road.

However, UCSB is the #1 seed in this tourney, but there isn't a real clear cut favorite in this league, mostly filled with average players (no star power anywhere).

Whatever, I'll probably lose these because thats what happens to me.


Andrew said...

I'll give them a whirl. GL

Andrew said...

For the heck of it, I'm going 198.5. GL if anyone follows.

Andrew said...

my mistake Min/Sea Over 198.5