Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Plays

Sacramento -4.5 -106 (2) [Matchbook]
New Jersey -6.0 -107 [Matchbook]


AndrewK said...

Shaq can be as motivated as he wants but he's old and not very healthy and doesn't seem a good fit for that offense. Yes this gives the Suns more of an inside presence and allows to Amare to move to the 4 spot but I just don't see how they are better off with Shaq over Marion.

AndrewK said...

Sorry for dbl post.

Also, I hate 'chemistry' as a reason for trades, especially one of this magnitude. As a sports player you are being paid a lot of money to do something you (assumedly) love. You're telling me you can't suck it up and be strictly business on the court to work towards your common goal of a championship? Marion cares more about being the go-to guy than a chance at a championship? Ridiculous!