Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Plays

Chicago Bulls +13 -110 for Game (2) [5Dimes]
Under 214.0 (CHI/GS) -103 [Matchbook]

Check back for more around 2:30 PST.

Added Play
Chicago Bulls +13 -109 for Game [Matchbook]

Chicago isn't that bad, right?


stevek said...

What has changed about this game that warrants another unit? Especially at slightly worse odds than originally posted.

TheVegan said...

Actually he laid one cent less so it was a better price, but that's a good question.

dudeimstoked said...

Nothing has changed about this game. It was a 3 unit play this morning, but I wanted to verify some injuries and possibly get better odds.

The odds didn't change at all, but I also wanted to get more confirmed status on Ben Gordon.

stevek said...

Vegan...he laid 1 cent less at Matchbook where he gets back 2 cents less if the bet wins(commission).
5Dimes......110 to win 100
Matchbook 109 to win 98

See the difference? No biggie but it is there.

dudeimstoked said...

I knew I could get better odds later in the day... I was just too early.
Now at +13 -101 at matchbook.

TheVegan said...

SteveK, I understand about the commission at MB. I am just too careless to actually read what sportsbook he played at. I am very sick with fever and flu symptoms so that's my excuse. :) Maybe I should have gotten a flu shot!!! (j/k)