Tuesday, February 5, 2008

NBA Trade Thoughts

There looks like there is a major trade in the works, Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks for Shaquille O'Neal, pending a physical (source Yahoo! Sports).

For Suns fans, the one thing you can hope for is that Shaq does not pass the physical. In my opinion, Shaq + Suns = .500 season (from now on). Now, Shaq wouldn't be a horrible addition to the Suns if it did not cost them Marion. What do the Suns think they're gaining here? The only reasoning behind this trade is that they want to get something for Marion before he ops out of his contract at the end of the season. The Suns are a semi-legitimate championship contender with their current roster and the only thing missing was some interior defense and rebounding. To fill that void you give up your best defender and rebounder and replace him with Shaq? Also, who is Steve Nash going to be throwing lobs to with 22 seconds still on the shot clock? Check the replays, 100% of the time it is Marion.

Well, at least Marion will get what he wants, to be the best player on his team and get some respect, oh wait no, he's on Dwyane Wade's team. Maybe now he'll remember what it feels like to lose. (reference ESPN.com)

I do believe that the Suns run-and-gun type of offense can win a championship, but it will require 2 parts:
1. Steve Nash
2. Shawn Marion

For you stat junkies like me:
There is only 1 combo in the league that is more efficient than Garnett/Pierce (Net 48 min +/- of 15.1)
Nash /Marion (Net 48 min +/- of +13.2)

That's only 1 stat you say?
Garnett/Pierce/R.Allen (Net 48 min +/- of 15)
Nash/Marion/Stoudemire (Net 48 min +/- of 14)

Seriously Steve Kerr? This trade just pisses me off. Why didn't they trade Marcus banks and Sean Marks for Gasol?

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Jon W said...

I rather trade marion for bynum.... at least he won't breakdown and retire within the next year.