Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Results

Smartcapper is down, but I think this is the correct record for today

3-5-0 (+0.32 units)

What to say about today... really, what can you say? Can I please win one close game? Just one occasionally? ONE of those freaking moneylines today would have been nice.

I'm open to recommendations for the organization of the week. Right now these are the things I'm looking for in an organization:
1. Must be a charity (obviously)
2. Fiscally responsible (low administrative costs and stuff like that)
3. Assisting those in greatest need (as much as I care about cancer and stem-cell research, there are people dying from starvation and treatable diseases every minute)

This next week, if this week finishes up, the organization will be the International Justice Mission. Check it out. I'll have an expanded post about it later on.

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TheVegan said...

Another very worthy charity!!!