Saturday, January 26, 2008

Future Subscriptions

I have been thinking about the whole subscription thing and I am going to change the model.

Here's the thing, I don't really need your money.

However, other people do.

So from now on, instead of sending me money through paypal or google checkout, please donate it to the "organization of the week". I will still accept payments through paypal or google checkout, but I will donate all of the proceeds to the "organization of the week".

Since I had another slightly negative week, you do not have to donate this week, but of course feel free to do so. I will keep this organization until I have a positive week.

Blood Water Mission


Sub-Saharan Africa has just over 10% of the world's population, but is home to more than 60% of all people living with HIV - some 25.4 million. In just 2004 alone, an estimated 3.1 million people in the region became newly infected, while 2.3 million died of AIDS.

Clean water is a basic human right and a foundational element in community health, and is in many ways the first step toward achieving overall community health. Unsafe water and poor sanitation play a major role in the transmission of many diseases, including diarrhea, cholera, malaria, schistosomiasis and typhoid. Diarrhea alone is responsible for the deaths of 1.8 million people each year, 90% of whom are children under 5, and 88% of diarrhea is caused by unclean water and inadequate sanitation (World Health Organization).

Clean water is particularly important for AIDS patients, many of whom die from opportunistic infections that are transmitted through water. Accessible clean water helps prevent the aggravation of the disease and provides effective care for AIDS patients.

Brief Description of Organization:
BWM (Blood Water Mission) is an organization that fights AIDS and waterborne illness by drilling wells for villages in Africa. An entire well for the village costs, on average, $3,000 USD. This single well will provide clean water for the entire village for the entire life of the village. Please check out the website for a more detailed description.

Personal Note:
Let's be honest, $3,000 USD is not that much money, but it can provide clean water for an entire village. Every dollar counts. One statistic I found on the website is "$1 provides one year of clean water for an African".
With a measly $1 dollar donation, you will save a life. It doesn't get any better than that.

See, now we can all feel better about our gambling addictions and get a tax break at the same time.


stevek said...

Very cool idea. As long as you do this I'll make a donation whether the week is positive or not.

Jon W said...

Win Win scenario for everyone and it eases my guilty conscience concerning gambling.