Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Results

4-2-0 (+4.46 units)

The reason I have added totals back in the mix is I believe that they are still +EV, despite losing both of them today. For the season, my record in totals is: 32-34-0 (+3.11 units; ROI: 3.09%)
Despite what we are used to with spreads, 109-71-3 (+78.90 units; ROI: 21.42%)

So adding totals will probably decrease the ROI because of the lower edge, but hopefully it will help increase unit growth, which is all that really matters.

As of now for this week my record is: 12-14-0 (-4.09 units; ROI: -8.88%)
If this does not turn to a +ROI by the end of tomorrow, as promised, those who subscribed for this week will receive the next week free. What a deal :-P.

Plays tomorrow will be posted around 12pm PST.

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GiggityGiggityGoo said...

my mistake, jumping the gun