Thursday, January 3, 2008

Friday Plays

Atlanta +2.5
Boston -13
Denver -6.5
NO +3.5

Once again, I don't recommend doing anything with these plays because many things can change overnight.

If you are feeling generous or just love me, I have created an Amazon wish list with a few items that will assist me in handicapping baseball this upcoming season. If you so feel inclined to buy me these things, I will love you forever.

My Wish List

Sorry you guys were too slow. Thanks Michael for buying these for me. I really appreciate it. If you were interested in buying them also for your own personal enjoyment, they were: Baseball Prospectus 2008 and Baseball Forcaster 2008

Friday Plays
Atlanta 2.5 +101 (2.5)
Denver -6.5 +111 (1.5)
Detroit -4.0 -102 (1.5)
Houston 4.5 +110
Boston -13.0 -103 (4)
Washington 1.5 -107 (3.5)
Los Angeles Lakers -7½ -105 for Game
New Orleans Hornets +3 -109 for Game (2)


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8-0, c'mon one time, baby!