Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Results

3-1-0 (+3.86 units)

I may be taking totals out of my plays. It really makes no sense to me how I am killing the spreads, but not totals. I use the same numbers to determine which are plays, but I feel that the total bets may be -EV.

For those of you counting, yes that is 20-0 against the spread since December 12.


AndrewK said...

Stay hot! I started only betting your spreads a couple weeks ago because I felt like they were more consistent than your total bets and it seems I was right to.

Like the new look, although darker text might be a little better.

I was thinking more about the charging for your picks situation and maybe make a poll on your site to find out what the majority of your followers would be ok with. Also, as far as payment options, perhaps offer a choice of paying for a week/month/rest of year, something like that. Just some thoughts. Thanks again for the picks.

dudeimstoked said...

Thanks, I was thinking that I would make it up to everyone on how much they wanted to donate/pay/whatever because everyone has differing unit sizes and a $50 fee is a lot different to someone betting $25 units than someone betting $100 units.
I will make a post/poll about this later on in the week.

The text is now darker too.