Saturday, December 29, 2007

Subscription Reminder

Greetings Minions,
I believe I have sent out passwords to everyone that has paid. If you have not received a password please send me an email.

To those of you who (or is it whom?) have not subscribed please do so soon to ensure that the transaction will go as planned so you do not miss any picks.

If you choose not to subscribe, best of luck to you. Feel free to check back on how I am doing. Everything will be made public after the games start so you can check up on me to see when I hit a nice downswing.


Michael C. said...

Thanks a lot for the great work! Just one request. Is there any way you could either make a separate post for late picks, or else figure out a way to have E-mail notifications be sent when the page gets edited? That would make it a lot easier to notice changes. Again, thanks for all your work...

dudeimstoked said...

Sure. I'll make sure that a post gets sent out via post notification.