Saturday, December 22, 2007

Record Update

This downswing has welcomed me with a beating. Remember that downswings are normal and expected. If you can't handle a 13 unit loss on any given day, I recommend lowering your unit size.

Saturday Results
1-8-0 (-12.69 units)
Worst day in recent memory. Probably 2-4 of these units could have been adverted with correct player injury news, but unfortunately rocked me. Also, betting early allowed me to get better lines, but not reliable player status.

Week Results
18-19-0 (-0.60 units; ROI: -0.88%)

Dec Results
66-46-1 (+50.69 units; ROI: 23.98%)

YTD Results
91-74-1 (+45.16 units; ROI: 15.12%)

Despite today's loss of 13 units and the down day on Thursday, I only finished down .60 units. That's really not that bad, considering the previous weeks were all +10 units each.
Also for December I'm up 51 units. I will take that any day of the week. I'll also take the 15% ROI YTD.

Now, I am tired of losing and it is time to turn it around.

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