Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Post Subscription

I have added a new feature onto this site. If you subscribe, the website will automatically send you an email notification a minute after I make a post.

I have no idea if it works or anything like that, but it sounds like a cool feature if you are interested.

Update: So as of now it is not working. I'll work on it today and see what I can do.

Update: Yea screw that. Too much work. Sorry, but you'll just have to keep checking every hour for picks.

Update: I have tried about 30 email plugins and it looks like I found one that works. Post subscription may be possible!

Update: It looks like it is fully functional now, minus the really bad spelling found all over the place that I will fix soon.
And I already lost 2 plays tonight :-(.

1 comment:

TheVegan said...

Nice try on the e-mail notification. BTW, I came upon your picks a few days ago. I am sorry I hadn't seen them sooner. Good work!