Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Results

5-2-0 (+5.48 units)

I am KILLING the spreads. KILLING. There is no way this is sustainable.
Look at this stat:
Spreads from 12/12-12/17
18-0-0 (+37.09 units; ROI: 99.36%)
That is not possible. Well, it shouldn't be.

Not that it matters, but there is one moneyline win that isn't counted in the spread calculations.

Oh, and I was super super lucky today with Mil/Cle. Needed 1 OT for the Mil over to be good and 2OT for the game total to be over.

Word of advice: If you are following these picks, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use good bankroll management. Do not wager over your unit size because you want to jump on this hot streak. There is no easier way to go bankrupt than using too high unit sizes when the downswing hits.


AndrewK said...

I have been following your picks all year and have made a little bit of money off them, which I am very grateful for. Obviously, I would be disappointed if you took them off but I would completely understand. If you don't feel like keeping them public why not charge a fee? Worst comes to worst, no one is interested in paying and you take them away, anyway. I would probably be willing to pay something, although I might be more inclined to if there was some sort of "only pay if you make money" guarantee, because this is the perfect time to start charging money but we all know a big down swing is coming and I think that is a little underhanded.

dudeimstoked said...

Thanks for the feedback. I like the idea about charging a small fee only if I stay a winner.

Right now I'm thinking Dec 31 as a cutoff date. We'll see if this hot streak continues until then.