Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Future Picks

This is what I have decided to do about posting picks. I am thinking of December 31st as the last day I will post picks free to everyone.

I will continue to post picks, but they will be password protected until the games start. This will allow me to keep a public record and also gives me some incentive to continue posting. To obtain the password for the plays, I will take a payment/donation of whatever you feel is fair for the picks. I am going to recommend 1 unit per week because I do not want to cut into your winnings. The password will change weekly.

If it turns out that I am not making enough using this method, I will create a minimum payment size per week. Payment will be accepted via Paypal so you can pay by credit card or bank account. I do not have a PokerStars account, but if there is enough interest in doing a stars transfer for payment, I will make one.

I will accept payment for one or two week blocks.
My incentive to keep doing well is that if I have a down week, (-.0001 units), I will provide the next week free for the subscribers.

Do not expect the hot run to continue. The general rule is a professional handicapper has about a 5% ROI longterm, so I would expect something around there. If this is going to disappoint you, I'm sorry to break the news to you that there is no endless fountain of money and you probably shouldn't subscribe.

Please vote to let me know what methods of payment would be acceptable.



AndrewK said...

I like it. Question: my bankroll is $500 and I use 2% for each unit; if I want to pay for four weeks in advance is there a small discount, i.e. $35? Thanks.

dudeimstoked said...

You can pay me whatever you feel is fair. $35 is a little low for 4 weeks, but if that is what your bankroll is, then so be it.
If it turns out that I don't feel like posting is worth the effort I will probably just take this whole thing private, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

Jon said...

hey good decision with the subscription, i've been feeling guilty using your picks and they haven't led me wrong. You can put me down for twenty dollars or more if you feel it necessary a week because i bet a lot and with your picks have been profiting. Don't worry about the email thing, majority of us hardcore betters will frequently check your website to make sure we put down your bets in time. But if you do need help i know this person who is a computer whiz kid and can solve any computer or program problem.

Thanks again and i'm crossing my fingers that this hot streak never ends!